Summer Hair Makeover

mom hairI’ve had my fair share of haircut and color experiments over the years (that’s what happens when you grow up with an aspiring hairstylist), but for the last few I’ve played it pretty safe. After realizing I was starting to have “mommy” hair, I decided it was time to get back in the saddle and change up my tresses in a major way.

Stage One: Goldie Locks

I naturally have dark, dishwater-blonde hair, but after spending a few hours with Delanah at Air Salon, we achieved this Goldie Locks hue! I love how this color warmed up my skin tone and brought out my blue eyes. It was definitely a fun look, but I have to admit there were times when the platinum-ness felt a little too Playboy for me. Better to be a #MILF than #MomJeans though, right? 🙂goldie locks

Pro tip: If you’re going to take the plunge, do yourself a favor and invest in a purple shampoo like this one from Paul Mitchell to help tone down any brassiness.

Stage Two: Blush Blonde

I came to Delanah with hair ideas from my Pinterest board, and being the loving sister she is, she took one for the team and played with some wild colors on herself before experimenting on my mane.

My favorite is the radiant orchid shade she’s sporting here. 10362759_10204130464249674_6438988855068009762_o

For my hair, we decided on a blush blonde ombre, or as I like to call it “blonde-bre”. To achieve the look Delanah used a semi-permanent pink toner and applied it in subtle waves so that the line wouldn’t be too 5

It’s only been a day, but I’m in love!  The color is understated yet noticeable at the same time, and gives off a beachy, summery vibe. The hubby is also a fan (you’re welcome honey).BlushBlonde

Stage Three:  ?

I’m keeping the final stage of my summer hair makeover a secret until it’s a go, but it may just be the most dramatic change yet! Stay tuned…


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