Mommy ProblemsWhen just the thought of a crying baby makes your milk leak through your shirt. #ItLooksLikeSpiltMilk

When you start getting ready two hours before you need to be somewhere… and you’re still not on time. #UnfashionablyLate

When it’s 4:00pm and you haven’t brushed your teeth or changed out of your pajamas. #HotMess

When all you want for your birthday is an extra couple hours of sleep. #NoTime2Sleep

When your idea of a romantic gesture is getting you two hours to yourself. #JasonAreYouListening?

When your hands are like alligator skin from sanitizing them every two hours post poopy diapers. #ShitHappens

When your baby spits up on the new blouse you just put on. #GoodbyeDryCleanOnly

When every conversation migrates to diapers, breastfeeding, or sleeping habits. #SorryFriendsWithoutBabies

When you debate getting a shorter haircut because you don’t have time to do it. #KateGosselin

When you  buy clothes based on the ease of access to your mammaries. #MomJeans

When you snap at your husband for asking you to get him a glass of water after you’ve been home with the baby all day. #ThatOneWasReallySpecific

When you eat your lunch at 10:30am because your baby is asleep and you’re afraid it’s the only time you’ll have your hands free all day. #MommyProblems


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