You did what?! Confessions of Sleep Deprived Parents

sleep deprived parentsIn the three weeks since bringing Lo home Jason and I have had our fair share of parenting fumbles.  Read on to feel better about yourself.

Dez’s  Blunders

A friend offered to pick me up a beverage on her way over to visit Lo and I. I thought she meant one with some kick so I asked for a Blue Moon beer… she meant coffee. It was 10:30am after all.

You know how in the movies you always see cute little babies lined up in the nursery at the hospital? When Lo was born I hadn’t sleep in 36 hours so I asked one of the nurses if she could take my baby to the nursery for a couple hours so I could get some sleep. Her response, “Ummm we don’t do that anymore.” Boy did I feel like an idiot.

I often multitask while breastfeeding. (If you see me on Facebook, 99% of the time it means I’m breastfeeding with one baby in one arm and my iPhone in the other.) One time I didn’t realize my nip had slipped out and was squirting Lo right in the eye until she started crying. Poor girl!

Jason’s Bloopers

Dez sent me on a mission to pick up nipple numbing cream since breastfeeding was hurting her so bad. When I got to the pharmacy I couldn’t remember what it was called so I asked for “nipple rubbers”. The look on their face was priceless.

The first night we brought Lo home she had finally just fallen asleep when we heard a rumble in her pants. We looked at each other and discussed whether we could let her sleep through it or if we really needed to wake her up to change her. We started to Google it but before we could finish juicy fart number three came out and we knew the answer.

One day the only way to calm Lo down was to keep her in the front pack baby carrier… so when nature called I just kept her strapped in and did my business.


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