Labor of Love

TheUneditedMamaIt’s crazy to think that a week ago we welcomed Lo into our lives. From the moment I took the pregnancy test to my first contraction and last push, it’s been a wild ride. This is how the last few days in utero played out…

The Friday before Lo was born I was convinced she was on her way and went into full on nesting mode (which included cleaning out the junk drawer as if that had anything to do with her). When no signs of labor had shown up by Sunday I was at my wits end so I decided to hit the elliptical for an hour to burn some energy and hopefully speed things up.

That must have done the trick! A few hours later (2am Monday)  we got to the hospital after two hours of regular (but not super painful) contractions. Rookie mistake. I was sent back home at 3.5cm dilated and told not to come back until I could no longer walk or talk through my contractions for two hours.

I labored at home until around 10am, when I could no longer take it. Sure enough as soon as we got to the hospital my contractions slowed down once again and I still wasn’t dilated to 4cm yet so they wouldn’t  admit me. Rather than go home again, the doctor suggested we walk down to the café for lunch and see if the contractions progressed.

I couldn’t even get through my salad without gripping the table in pain and breathing hard. How appetizing for everyone else in the cafeteria trying to eat! I didn’t care what the doctor said, I was walking up to labor and delivery and demanding to be admitted. At that point I was at 4cm dilated (thank God).

Once I got the epidural, labor went from miserable to enjoyable. For any of you debating on getting an epidural I highly recommend it! It made the experience sooooo much better, and I was able to joke around and smile instead of grimace in pain every few minutes.

It wasn’t until 5:30pm on Monday that the urge to push came. Because Lo’s head was already so low, they thought I’d be one of those freak women who only has to push for five minutes. No such luck, but an exhausting hour later she was out!

19-DSC_0614-39Hearing her first cry was one of the best moments of my life, and holding her in my arms filled me with an indescribable joy. Seeing Jason hold and kiss her as a proud daddy was (and still is) the sweetest thing ever.

Fast forward a week later- there have been restless nights, blowouts galore, engorged breasts, and many first-time parent mistakes already. But Lo’s adorable cheeks, precious lips, sweet baby smell, cute little buns, and charming grunts make up for all of it and then some!

Desiree Stordahl

Lo at one day old.


7 thoughts on “Labor of Love

  1. Wonderful blog. I’m glad you had the epidural. You have a beautiful daughter. We are planning a trip to Washington (hopefully July) to meet Lo and our other two nieces, Olivia and Hazel (Matt & Nik Rowland’s daughters. And bring Satoria with us. (along with Beth and Arnold) Can’t wait to meet her. Janet

  2. We are so thrilled for you and Jason. I’m SO looking forward to seeing this little doll in person. Love and prayers, Aunt Linda (Uncle Dan too)

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