New Year’s Resolution: 3 Things I Vow NOT to do as a New Mom

New Years 2013We’ve all encountered a mom on the brink of insanity from devoting every spare minute on her kids. While a noble cause, it’s plain to see that this takes a toll on her happiness, confidence and relationships. The lesson learned is that if you truly want to make your family happy and instill confidence in your kids, you’ve got to do a little something for yourself every now and then.

That’s why I’ve decided to put these vows into writing- not because I think I’m going to be any better at accomplishing them than any other mom, but in hopes that if I say them publicly I’ll be more likely to stick to ’em. Wish me luck!

I vow not to be afraid to ask for babysitting help.

I HATE the feeling of imposing on people which tends to hold me back from asking for help, but when it comes to being a mom, this is something I’m going to have to get over. Whether that means hiring a babysitter or asking friends/family to watch the babe for a bit, for my own sanity, marriage, and the child’s well-being, I just have to do it.

I vow not to neglect myself.

Given that we’ll be living on one income for a while, I know I’ll feel like I shouldn’t spend money on myself. After all, when there are diapers to be bought, a new pair of shoes or a pedicure won’t seem so essential. Still, it’s important to treat yourself to life’s little luxuries every now and then… even if that means they come from TJ Maxx instead of Nordstrom.

I vow not to neglect my husband.

When a baby enters the picture, there’s a new dynamic at play that can take the heat of your romance and move dad down a notch on the priority pole. No matter how much extra effort it takes, I want to make sure my marriage still has all the laughable moments, passion, and love that it always has. Jason, you’ll have to give me a few weeks for the passion part. 🙂


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