Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: 5 for Him, 5 for Her


For the Fashionista: Buying clothes for someone else is really tricky but not if you include them in the experience. Instead of giving her a boring gift card or a sweater she’ll likely return, create a personalized shopping spree. Start with a handmade gift certificate outlining the plan. Promise to be her loyal shopping partner for the day (no sitting on a bench playing on your smartphone). If she needs a coffee, you’ll get it. If she needs another size, you’ll find it. Kapeesh?

For the Foodie: Team up with her mom, sister, or grandma to create a recipe book of her favorite meals. Include pictures and add in new recipes that YOU can make for her throughout the year. Shutterfly has recipe book templates to make the process a little easier, but be forewarned-  this project will take you a good amount time… all the more reason she’ll love you for it.

For the Mom-on-the-Go: Two words: spa day. Some R&R outside of the house is just what the doctor ordered. Get her a gift certificate for a spa outing and clear your calendar to watch the kids. Happy wife = happy life!

For the Beauty Junkie: Urban Decay’s NAKED3 eyeshadow palette ($52). Urban Decay is famous for its NAKED eyeshadow palettes and this third edition promises to be the best yet. The only problem? It’s selling out like hot cakes. If you can’t get your hands on it, head to the MAC counter for RiRi’s Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Phresh Out ($44) instead.

For the Woman Who has Everything: When all else fails, check out her Pinterest page. Don’t know how to do that? Enlist the help of one of her lady friends. Pinterest is all about “pinning” things she likes, so you can easily find out what she really wants and surprise her with your telepathic abilities.

male-bathroom-symbol-black-hiFor the Man who Likes to Dress Well but Doesn’t Want to Look Like He Cares: Funnel sweaters offer fashion-forward comfort without looking metrosexual. Bench’s Funnel Neck Hoodie ($79 at Nordstrom) is a safe bet, or you can find options from other (less expensive) brands as well.

For the Technically Challenged: Google Chromecast ($35).  Chromecast allows you to easily stream whatever is on your tablet, smartphone or PC straight to your HDTV. If your man already has Apple TV or Roku skip Chromecast (this doesn’t really do anything more than those do).

For the Event Junkie: Does he love to go concerts, festivals or sporting events? Search the web for tickets to an event or class he’d love. Bonus: You can’t let him go alone; buy one for yourself!

For the Hunter: Cabela’s ColorPhase Camo Jacket ($70).  Impress the outdoorsman in your life with this insulated camo jacket that changes with the seasons. As temps drop, the green camo pattern transforms to muted shades of brown. As the mercury rises, the pattern changes back to shades of green.  How cool is that?

For the Horny Hubby: There’s no way subtle way to put it! Spice things up with a hot little number for yourself and surprise him in the bedroom. Guarantee no husband will complain about that.


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