Winter Maternity Photo Ideas

20131207-IMG_5229editedA maternity photo shoot in the cold-weather months has its limitations. When temps drop below freezing all you want to do is bundle up, but then you’d be hiding that glorious bump! You don’t have to go to the extreme of short-sleeves like I did (a tight sweater would look just as cute), but it’s a good idea to wear clothes that contour to your body rather than something that adds bulk and makes you look like a tent.

There’s also the issue of location during winter months. If you’re lacking snow like we are here in the Seattle area, but still want to capture the essence of winter, you have to get creative. My BFF @ Krista Roose Photography came up with the idea to shoot our pics at a Christmas tree farm.  Genius!


20131207-IMG_5220edited 20131207-IMG_5201edited 20131207-IMG_5180edited 20131207-IMG_5162edited 20131207-IMG_5156edited 20131207-IMG_5198editedbw

I have a hard time taking myself too seriously so here are some funny blooper shots too.

funny1 funny bellies

If you’re doing an indoor shoot, there are plenty of options. Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest.

Before and After Maternity Pic Christmas maternity pics Husband maternity pic Indoor Maternity Photos Maternity pic on bed Mom and Dad maternity pic winter maternity photo ideas winter maternity pics



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