5 Reasons to Watch The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling The Mindy ProjectHaving a down day? Just broke up with your boyfriend? Frustrated by your love handles? I’ve got just the show for you… The Mindy Project.

1. Mindy makes us laugh at all the dumb tricks we girls play.

Tommy Dewey wears Mindys Pants

Mindy pretends to wake up naturally gorgeous after a hookup (though she’s secretly fixed her hair, makeup, and breath before her man wakes up). The icing on top? He mistakenly puts on her pants and thinks he’s lost weight.

2.  The girl is not afraid of carbs.

themindyproject_shotsoff_loafofbread3 themindyproject_shotsoff_loafofbread4 themindyproject_shotsoff_loafofbread5

Mindy tries to prove her status in the office by challenging a rival doctor to a “shot off”. Her secret weapon?  She ate entire loaf of bread beforehand… but that’s was before the shot off was planned. I can relate.

3.  She exposes the truth about shower sex.

Mindy Kaling shower sex

Yeah, it’s never quite as sexy (or comfortable) as you envision it.

4. Her honesty is endearing (and makes you feel better about yourself).

Mindy at Dannys

Mindy’s crashes at a co-workers place when she’s locked out of her own, but he becomes worried that’s she’s into him so he tells her they “need to talk.” Oblivious to what Danny means, Mindy fesses up to what she thinks he’s getting at. “I admit it. I farted. I did it because I was scared and it was wrong, and we should talk about it.” When he tells her that’s not what he meant Mindy goes on to fess up about spilling wine on his sofa cushion “… and, yes, I turned it over. And then I got chocolate syrup on that. I wrapped it up in blankets and I thought you’d just blame it on your maid.” And then she admits to farting again. Brilliant!

5. She’s unashamed.

Mindy Kaling shaving her arms

Mindy is nonchalantly shaving her arms when her date comes to pick her up to go to her exes wedding. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

The Mindy Project airs on FOX, 9:30pm on Tuesdays, or catch up on seasons one and two on Hulu.


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