Diaper Party: The New Fad for Dads

diaper partyBaby showers are a great excuse to get to together with friends, pay homage to the mama-to-be, and collect some of the essentials before baby comes. Unless you throw a co-ed shower, men are typically left out of the equation, but the latest baby craze is breaking all the rules.

A diaper party is essentially an excuse for dad to get together with his buddies and the only criterion is that guests bring a pack of diapers to lessen the burden of the $800+ you’ll be spending on them per year (as predicted by the Baby Cost Calculator).

If your baby shower is being held at a large enough house it may even work to have the diaper party there at the same time since there will likely be some overlap between your lady friends and his buddies (guys downstairs in the man cave, ladies upstairs in the living room).  Celebrating at dad’s favorite watering hole is another option, or you can have it at your own house so there’s no extra loading and unloading of the goods.

Jason’s diaper bash this past weekend included watching the Seahawks game, toasting celebratory beers, and chowing down on chicken wings and pizza. Does it get any manlier than that? Not only did we receive 1,410 baby diapers in varying sizes and one pack of Depends (don’t ask what happened with those), but the guys also took care of supplying all the food and drinks potluck style.

As ecstatic as I am about all those diapers, I’m even more thrilled that my hubby got to have a fun day with friends and initiation into fatherhood. It’s amazing to feel the support from all of our loved ones, and to know that when the baby comes we’ve got some pretty awesome people to be a part of her life.

UPDATE: Here’s a helpful chart to gage how many diapers you’ll go through by size/age. If any of the guests ask what size to get, go with size 3- they’ll be in that size for the longest amount of time.

Number of Diapers per Month Chart


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