5 Super Powers Brought on by Pregnancy

Pregnant Powers 1. Night Vision

Don’t be shocked by a pregnant woman’s ability to navigate her way in the dark. This skill is developed during frequent trips to the bathroom in the wee hours of the night and later comes in handy for midnight diaper changes.

2. Monkey Toes

By the third trimester, bending over becomes quite the chore. Mamas-to-be adapt by utilizing their toes to pick up items off the floor, and you’d be amazed by what those little appendages can do.

3. Spidey Sense

If there’s a child in harm’s way, motherly instinct takes over in ways never experienced before. (Unfortunately this power is also accompanied by worry and paranoia.)

4. Stretch Armstrong Body

Skin’s ability to stretch to accommodate a baby is miraculous in itself, but did you know a pregnant woman’s bones and ligaments are affected during pregnancy too? A hormone appropriately called relaxin causes ligaments to soften and loosen in preparation for the baby to pass through. Hips, pelvis and even feet may become permanently wider during pregnancy.

5. Hulk-Like Strength

Going through labor pushes the human body to extremes. Epidural or not, delivery and the recovery thereafter takes a supernatural type of physical and emotional strength.  For every father that claims the baby “just popped out”, there’s a women who made it look easier than it was.


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