Sneak Preview Movie Review: About Time

About TimeChances are if you’ve watched TV in the last week you’ve seen previews for About Time. It’s got all the right fixins for a chick flick, including Rachel McAdams as the lead actress and the same creator as Love Actually. But there’s one problem- it’s a romantic time travel story. That may not send off red flags for anyone else, but I HATE time travel movies, especially when they revolve around love. Needless to say, my expectations were low when I attended the advanced private screening.

But you know what? The movie actually turned out to be pretty good. There were several laugh out loud scenes, and yes a teary-eyed moment or two. I’m not usually a big fan of British comedic characters, but the lead in this story, Tim, is charming, funny, and lovable all rolled into one (although he’s no Ryan Gosling).

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here… this doesn’t go the distance of an Oscar-worthy film, and your boyfriend/husband/brother probably still won’t be that jazzed about seeing it (especially since they make Rachel McAdams look really marmy in it). But it is a chick flick worthy of a Friday evening rental or night out with the lady friends.

About Time hits theaters November 8th.


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