DIY Maternity Costumes for Halloween

I love any excuse to get dressed up for a theme, and being pregnant presents a unique opportunity to incorporate my baby bump into the fun. I toyed around with several costume ideas this Halloween including this one.

Creative maternity Halloween costume

This couple’s white trash “role reversal” costume is also pretty funny.

Pregnant white trash costume

And this homemade Sriracha costume would have made for some good memories since that’s been one of my major cravings during the pregnancy.

Spice Girls Costume

Here’s another really cute idea inspired by the legendary Bob Ross (she’s the happy tree and baby is the little squirrel).

Bob Ross Couple Costume

But in the end I really just wanted to be comfortable and warm so I went with my own Energizer Bunny creation, pictured here with my mom and dad dressed as Miss Kay and Phil from Duck Dynasty (how cute are they?!).

Energizer Bunny

It was pretty easy and inexpensive to create. The pink bunny suit is just a footie pajama from Target, and all the other items came from Value Village or were items I already had at home.

Halloween Energizer Bunny Props

The drum was made out of an old hat box I had. I simply removed the lid, covered it in a white pillow case and printed out the Energizer logo from the computer. My belly fit inside perfectly which helped it stay in place, along with the suspenders (yep, already had those too).

If you want more inspiring costumes ideas, pregnant or not, check out my Halloween board on Pinterest!


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