Recommend Reads: The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy & Divergent

the girlfriends guide to pregnancyI’m the last woman on the planet that wants to read a boring manual about pregnancy.  Besides, I have a sister and plenty of girlfriends to fill me in on all the horrors of tearing, stretch marks, deflated boobs and other “fun” pregnancy/delivery-related issues.

Still, I felt compelled to read at least one book so I hit my local Value Village and looked for the cutest cover (yes I do judge a book by its cover). The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy is honest, informative, and most importantly, laugh out loud funny. I was introduced to concepts such as the “Titty Fairy”, maternity panties, and other issues that only a candid mama could retell. The author and mother of four, Vicki Iovine, tells it like it is in a non-judgmental way, almost with a Tina Fey feel to it. You’ll be laughing start to finish about everything from weight gain to pregnancy sex.

DivergentAnother recommended read? Divergent. This book is completely unrelated to pregnancy or being a mother but hey, sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered- an escape from a reality. The story carries a striking resemblance to The Hunger Games and likewise is aimed at more of a young adult crowd, but don’t let that discourage you.  Dystopian plot twists, page-turning suspense and of course a sizzling romance to steam things up along the way… what’s not to love?

I whipped through Divergent while on vacation, and quickly moved on to the second book of the trilogy, Insurgent. The series will come to a conclusion with the third book, Allegiant, due out in October 2013 and the story is set to come to life on the big screen March 21, 2014. I recommend jumping on the band wagon now…  who cares if your 13-year-old niece is reading the same book as you?! It’s better than Fifty Shades of Grey. 


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