Owning the Belly

funny_tips_for_pregnant_women_640_03Pregnant bellies are adorable… until you’re sporting one of your own. Watching your body morph into a size and shape you’ve never known can be a bit scary. Will I lose the weight? Am I going to get stretch marks? Will my hips ever go back to their normal size?

I always imagined I would embrace the pregnant body. After all, there’s no self-conscious sucking-in, no worrying if your stomach pooches out after a big meal, and a cute baby bump to boot. But when I started to  show at a mere 12 weeks I was a little freaked out. Despite only gaining a couple pounds, my stomach already looked as pregnant as some of my friends did at six months. Embarrassing!

However, I can’t say this was a complete shock. I do have one of the shortest torsos known to womankind and always had a hunch I would “pop” quickly. Nonetheless, I felt like a complete fatty and hid in flowy sundresses and loose tops for a bit.

Now as I approach 16 weeks, there’s no denying I look PREGNANT, and I’m starting to own it… dare I say it, I may even like it. Tight tees, belly-baring bikinis, form-fitting dresses and all. I have to admit my husband has helped boost my confidence by telling me how beautiful I look, and how cute my baby bump is each and every day.  I don’t even care if he’s lying; hearing those words gives me all the belly pride I need.

own the belly


2 thoughts on “Owning the Belly

  1. Dez, This is such a cute picture!!! I laughed when you said you are now looking as prego as some of our friends at 6 months… 🙂 You look AWESOME!

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