Pregnancy Shock

IMG_0877Before I found out I was pregnant, I was at the height of my career as a Senior Beauty Editor and on-camera beauty expert at a promising, new start-up. The pay was great, the travel was a nice perk, and I got to meet some pretty cool people along the way. I thought to myself “This is the life!”

Little did I know just one-month into my lucrative gig, I would get knocked up. After all, we weren’t trying, and Jason worked away from home at the time so we only saw each other a few days out of the month (I now lovingly refer to this as the One Hit Wonder). Even as I took my at-home pregnancy test, I thought there was no way I’d actually be prego… looking back I should have realized the engorged breasts were a dead giveaway.

Despite being happily married and financially stable, I didn’t initially see this whole pregnancy thing as the gift that it really was. To be completely honest, I was upset thinking about how this was going to mess up my career plan, summer vacation, body, weekend leisure time and the missions trip we were supposed to go on to Uganda. Fortunately Jason carried enough enthusiasm for the both of us and kept reassuring me everything would work out.

By the way, did I mention that I had actually prayed for this exact circumstance? For the past couple years my nightly talks with God would include something along the lines of “I’m probably going to be too big of a chicken to actually decide to start a family, so Lord, just make it accidentally happen when the timing is right.” Be careful what you ask for!

Fast-forward to my first ultrasound appointment at eight weeks. The instant I saw the tiny arms, stubby legs and puttering heartbeat I fell in LOVE. How could you look at this tiny being inside of you and feel anything other than complete wonderment and joy? My fears of giving up “ME” time have been replaced with thoughts of how much fun it will be to have a little one to snuggle with, show new things to, and make giggle.

That’s not to say every moment of pregnancy has been or will be pure bliss. There’s been nausea, food aversions, headaches, head rushes, tear fests, and borderline narcoleptic fatigue. Not to mention that at just three-months I’ve already seen my waistline expand, but would I trade it to go back to my so-called perfect life? Not in a heartbeat.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Shock

  1. Speaking as a woman with similar thoughts and fears, although not pregnant, it’s good to hear your perspective. Babies and me don’t get along. In fact all children are not my thing. I’m no where close to having children but everyone around me seems to be popping them out that it makes a girl wonder.
    I hope I handle it with as much grace, yet hilarity, as you.
    Keep the funnies coming!

  2. Hi Dez, I just had to tell you already love this blog. Such a sweet beginning and I’m beyond excited for you two….soon to be three;)

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